Addressing Derelict Buildings: A Key Step Towards Regenerating Our Towns

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In the heart of our towns across the Kenmare Municipal District, we face a critical challenge that impacts our visual landscape, community spirit, and economic vitality—the prevalence of derelict buildings. As I advocate for comprehensive town regeneration, it’s imperative to not only address the blight of these structures but also embrace the potential for revitalization through arts, culture, and community-driven initiatives.

The sight of privately owned derelict buildings has become increasingly common, turning potential hubs of activity into mere eyesores. These neglected structures represent a missed opportunity at a time when the demand for liveable, vibrant spaces is on the rise. Imagine transforming these buildings into thriving homes, galleries, or businesses that add to our community’s vibrancy, drawing in residents and tourists alike, and contributing to a dynamic local economy.

Equally concerning is the state of some council-owned properties. During my visits, I have witnessed conditions that compromise resident well-being—mould, structural disrepair, and neglect. It is imperative that we revitalise our social housing to ensure safety and dignity for its inhabitants while improving overall housing availability.

Revitalising these spaces is not just about enhancing aesthetics; it’s about knitting the fabric of our community tighter. Integrating arts and culture into our regeneration efforts can make our towns more attractive to potential residents and businesses. This, in turn, supports local businesses by providing a steady influx of employees and customers, creating a thriving, self-sustaining economy.

As your council candidate, I am dedicated to working collaboratively with fellow councillors, local artists, and community members to breathe new life into our towns. Together, we can transform them into places that not only respect our heritage but are also vibrant, creative hubs where people are excited to live and work. Let’s ensure our towns are places we are proud to call home, full of opportunities and bustling with activity.