I am committed to enhancing the support and resources available to our vital volunteer groups. These groups, typically operating as Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLG) to access public funding, face numerous challenges, including navigating company law and governance with limited expertise. Additionally, the current year-by-year funding model significantly hinders their ability to plan long-term and [...]

As residents of this area, there are basic amenities we expect that not only ensure our comfort but are vital for our safety and well-being. It’s time we address these not as luxuries, but as essentials that should be provided by our local council without residents needing to campaign for them. 1. Adequate Bin Facilities: [...]

City and County Councils contribute to wellbeing in their communities in many ways, most visibly by designing, creating and sustaining the environments in which people live, work, do business, and socialise. The facilities and services they provide play critical roles in local wellbeing. This June 7th, the people of Ireland have a chance to set [...]

I had a compelling discussion with Vincent Hyland, environmentalist and author of “Wild Derrynane,” we delved into the heart of environmental and community issues along the Skellig Coast. The video of our conversation, featured below, captures the essence of Vincent’s deep connection to the land and his passion for a grassroots approach to environmental conservation [...]

One of the most pressing issues in our towns today is the significant lack of facilities and activities specifically tailored for teenagers. While sports are a fantastic outlet for many young people, not all teens are interested in sports, and even those who are still need other options to balance their social and recreational lives. [...]

In the heart of our towns across the Kenmare Municipal District, we face a critical challenge that impacts our visual landscape, community spirit, and economic vitality—the prevalence of derelict buildings. As I advocate for comprehensive town regeneration, it’s imperative to not only address the blight of these structures but also embrace the potential for revitalization [...]

As a first-time candidate for the County Kerry council, It has been an interesting experience, with the latest being the design and delivery of my election posters. Postering for the election is allowed from Wednesday May 8th. However, as much as these posters are a staple of election season, their impact on our scenic vistas, [...]

South and Mid Kerry, with their stunning natural landscapes, are primed to become top-tier destinations for adventure and outdoor tourism. The raw beauty of the Ivereagh and Beara Peninsulas offers a perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts, yet the full potential of these areas remains largely untapped. To truly capitalise on this, a strategic approach focusing [...]

Catch The Love Buzz live in Killorglin! Fresh off their performances at Glastonbury, Ireland Music Week, Eurosonic and rocking the Jameson Connects St. Patrick’s Day festival in India, they’re hitting the stage at the Tim Clifford local election campaign fundraiser. Don’t miss out, with Primavera and more on the horizon for 2024 it’s a rare [...]

There needs to be a review of the existing criteria of designating a Rent Pressure Zone (RPZ) as Kerry communities do not qualify even though they are experiencing significant rent increases. The RPZ designation is crucial because it caps annual rent increases within these zones to protect tenants from sudden and excessive hikes. According to [...]