Essential amenities for communities in the Kenmare Municipal District

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As residents of this area, there are basic amenities we expect that not only ensure our comfort but are vital for our safety and well-being. It’s time we address these not as luxuries, but as essentials that should be provided by our local council without residents needing to campaign for them.

1. Adequate Bin Facilities: Across our towns, there is a noticeable lack of bins, and where bins do exist, many are poorly maintained, becoming eyesores rather than community assets. Regular maintenance and an increase in the number of bins would go a long way toward improving the cleanliness and environmental responsibility of our communities.

2. Accessible Public Toilets: Public toilets are essential, yet many towns in our district lack sufficient facilities. Moreover, the existing ones often close too early in the evening and are not maintained to a high standard. We need clean, accessible toilets open for extended hours to accommodate residents and tourists alike, enhancing comfort and public health.

3. Improved Pedestrian Infrastructure: Safe, accessible footpaths are a non-negotiable aspect of community infrastructure. In some areas, such as Beaufort, the lack of continuous footpaths near key locations like GAA pitches forces our children to walk dangerously close to traffic. We need well-maintained footpaths with proper crossings for wheelchair users and visually impaired residents, ensuring everyone can move safely around their community.

4. Lighting and Security: Well-lit streets are essential for safety and security, particularly during the longer nights of winter. Adequate street lighting prevents accidents and deters crime, making our towns safer for everyone.

These amenities are fundamental, not just for the functionality of our towns but for the quality of life of all residents. They reflect the council’s commitment to its constituents. As your council candidate, I will advocate for these improvements.