Volunteer Groups are the lifeblood of communities. There needs to be a fresh approach in assisting those that do so much for so little.

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Tim Clifford speaking at the launch of K-FEST 2024

I am committed to enhancing the support and resources available to our vital volunteer groups. These groups, typically operating as Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLG) to access public funding, face numerous challenges, including navigating company law and governance with limited expertise. Additionally, the current year-by-year funding model significantly hinders their ability to plan long-term and places undue pressure on them with repeated grant applications.

To address these challenges, I propose not only a shift to a multi-year funding cycle but also the implementation of a comprehensive technology solution for non-profits and charities. This solution would involve creating an online account for each group, where all relevant information about the group can be securely stored and maintained. This centralised digital repository would include details such as governance documents, financial records, project plans, and achievements. Funders can then access this information through the provided link, streamlining the application process and eliminating the need for volunteer groups to repeatedly fill out extensive forms for different organisations.

Such a technology solution would dramatically reduce the administrative burden on these volunteer groups, allowing them to dedicate more time and resources to their community-focused activities. It would also make the funding process more efficient and transparent for both the groups and the funders.

In supporting our volunteer groups by proposing a multi-year funding cycle and introducing a technological solution to simplify their interactions with funding bodies. These measures will empower these groups, ensuring they can continue their invaluable work in our community with greater efficiency and less bureaucratic strain.