Questionnaire for residents of Kerry

With the elections around the corner, we’re keen to know what’s important to you, our community’s heart. Your input is vital for shaping County Kerry’s future, helping us focus on what really matters.

Tim Clifford is all ears and ready to act on your concerns. Through this survey, you can spotlight the local issues needing urgent attention. Your feedback will steer Tim’s actions, ensuring your needs are met.

How It Works:

You’ll see a list of key topics below, covering everything from housing to digital infrastructure in County Kerry. It’s simple but important: please rank these topics by importance to you. This helps us align our plans with your priorities.

Your involvement is crucial. Together, we’ll aim for a brighter, more attuned future for our community.

Please rank the following topics:

Housing and Development

Addressing housing availability, affordability, and sustainable development.

Road Maintenance and Traffic Management

Enhancing road quality, traffic flow, and pedestrian safety.

Waste Management and Recycling

Improving recycling facilities, waste reduction, and management services.

Water Supply and Quality

Ensuring reliable and clean water supply, and sustainable water management.

Local Economic Development

Supporting local businesses, job creation, and economic growth.

Public Transport

Increasing accessibility, frequency, and sustainability of public transport options.

Community Facilities and Services

Developing community centers, healthcare, and social services.

Planning Permissions and Building Regulations

Streamlining processes and balancing development with conservation.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Protecting natural resources and promoting sustainability initiatives.

Public Safety and Policing

Enhancing community safety, policing, and emergency preparedness.

Libraries, Recreation Services, and Amenities

Supporting libraries, sports, and recreational activities.

Public Spaces and Green Areas

Maintaining and creating parks, green spaces, and community areas.

Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Preserving cultural heritage and promoting tourism.

Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity

Improving broadband access and digital literacy.

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