Meet Tim

I’m Tim Clifford, running as your Social Democrats candidate in the Kenmare Municipal District of Kerry for the 2024 local elections. Having gone to National School in Tralee and Cahersiveen I returned to my roots in Kerry 24 years ago to raise my family and continue my professional journey in media, print and design.

I am heavily involved in my local community in Killorglin, most notably with K-FEST since 2013, an annual visual and performing arts festival, as music director, chairperson and festival director. Volunteerism has helped prepare me to serve the wider Kerry community as best I can.

I am passionate about being a voice for those from all over the Iveragh and Beara peninsulas of Kerry, and I am committed to engaging with residents, businesses and organisations across the district to discuss local issues, hear your thoughts and for you to get to know me better.

I am entering politics driven by my commitment to creating a better future for my children, friends and beyond. My vision is to help Kerry become a place where individuals can live and work in dignity and where businesses can flourish. Kerry possesses the talent and skills; we just need to exercise the political will.

My campaign is driven to assist at Kerry local council level these critical priorities:

  • Urgent Housing Crisis Management:
    Housing is of the utmost urgency. There is a housing crisis and it needs to be treated as a crisis. Fight for affordable and social housing, the upkeep of existing housing and getting vacant buildings back in use.
  • Healthcare and education:
    Campaign for enhanced localised healthcare access and supports for all. Special needs education in rural Ireland needs more support.
  • Minimal requirements for towns:
    Basic facilities such as enough bins, clean public toilets and footpaths between large estates within the town and the town itself are severely lacking in places. As well as accessibility and safety for wheelchair use.
  • Support for Volunteer Groups:
    Volunteer Groups are the lifeblood of communities. There needs to be a fresh approach in assisting those that do so much for so little.
  • Tourism and Marketing Synergy:
    Support a joined-up approach with marketing and accommodation for outdoor and adventure tourism in South Kerry. The land and seascape and the people are there to make Kerry the go-to destination for this tourism.
  • Inclusive Community Support:
    Looking after all communities to cater for the youth, the elderly, LGBTQ+ and new arrivals. Everyone deserves dignity. Whilst there is activities for the very young and adults, there needs to be better services for teenagers to partake in.
  • Support for Small Businesses:
    A lot of businesses are facing a perfect storm of issues making it difficult to survive. Rates increases for some are one of those issues and I propose a rates rebate along with Kerry County Council employing an independent service with the expertise in inspecting and reducing rates as a free service for businesses to consult with. Whilst also pushing for an extension on appeals until this service has concluded. Also, I will look at how to directly assist local businesses who need support in the tourism dependent Kenmare Municipal District, until more tourist beds are transitioned back into stock.
  • Town Centre Regeneration:
    Support the Kenmare MD Local Area Plan’s town regeneration initiative to revitalise town centres as vibrant urban communities. This includes enhancing a mix of residential, commercial, and cultural spaces that support local businesses, attract skilled workers, and contribute to a sustainable and dynamic community culture.
  • Cost of Living Reductions:
    Help tackle with the party, from a local level, cost of living with free GP care and genuinely free education at primary and secondary level as well as improve and reduce the cost of childcare and public transport.
  • Enhancing Transport and Night-Time Economy:
    Explore improvements to public transport in rural areas and enhance the night-time economy by expanding Local-Link services and improving transportation options after dark. This will bolster local businesses, ensure community safety, and create a lively, accessible community atmosphere.

I am asking for your Number 1 Vote in the 2024 Local Elections in Kerry, so I can get started on these issues. Change starts local.


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